Consultants on Demand

Meet the Freelance Management Consulting Platform that is disrupting the management consulting industry in South Africa. We connect highly skilled professionals from the leading business schools in Africa with local and international companies. The aim of Skill Indawo is to provide vetted consulting services for small to large organisations at a fraction of the price normally charged by major consulting company. The consulting services are conducted by MBAs, Masters degree alumni, DBAs, Ph.Ds and business school faculty members that register their areas of expertise and competencies on the platform. Any organisation can now have access to these individuals for short-term consulting projects.

Ways how we can assist your organisation

  • Big Data and Data analytics

    Our consultants can advise you on all areas of data analytics, data management, data storage, advanced cloud based services, etc.

  • Innovation Consulting

    Our expertise includes fields such as Internet of Things, digitisation, ideation facilitation, innovation management, technology implementation, etc.

  • Business Document Preparation

    Can prepare business plans, business valuations, investor documentation, investor presentations, business viability analysis, etc.

  • Financial Consulting

    Get consultation in areas such as private equity, venture capital, investment banking, financial management, forecasting, reporting, etc.

  • Management Consulting

    Our consultants can advise you on strategic planning, organisational design, project management, administration, communication, etc.

  • Marketing Consulting

    Expertise includes fields such as marketing research, social media, public relations, advertising, sales planning, media expertise, market analysis, etc.

  • Human Resource Consulting

    We can assist you with your workforce planning, employee and labour relations, talent management, remuneration strategy, performance management, etc.

  • New Markets Consulting

    Our consultants can advise you on new market entry strategies, market viability research, product development, legal implications, transient strategies, etc.

  • Operations Consulting

    Our expertise includes fields such as business process re-engineering, lean manufacturing, six sigma, supply chain management, quality management, etc.


Why You should use Skill Indawo

  • 01

    Cost saving

    There is a significant cost saving for consulting work procured through the Skill Indawo platform because the client negotiates the consulting fee they can afford.

  • 02

    There is no risk

    If the client is not satisfied with the consulting work completed, Skill Indawo will not release the payment to the consultant and the client will be reimbursed in full.

  • 03

    The speed of the process

    The Skill Indawo process ensures that the client can register, post a project and hire a consultant in less than a day. The platform truly allows for consultants on demand.

  • 04

    Quality of consultants

    All our consultants either have an MBA, Master’s degree, DBA or Ph.D. In addition, our consultants graduated from the top four business schools in South Africa: GSB, USB, Wits and GIBS.

  • 05


    Skill Indawo is the objective 3rd party in the consulting process. Skill Indawo will mediate any conflict, disagreement or dissatisfaction that may occur from the consulting project.

  • 06

    Access to wide variety of skills

    Consultants registered on Skill Indawo are dispersed throughout the world. This means that no matter where your organisation is situated we are able to assist you.

  • 07

    Total control

    Skill Indawo will only release the consulting fees to the consultant work once the client has confirmed that the work was successfully delivered as agreed.

  • 08


    Skill Indawo is the central point where all consultants can be acquired from. Our team will make sure your consulting project is supported by a dedicated Skill Indawo representative.

  • 09

    Flexibility and choice

    Our client has absolute freedom to choose the consultants they would like to work with based on the consultant's experience and credentials.

  • 10


    The Skill Indawo consulting process was designed to ensure the consultant knows exactly what is expected of them and the client knows exactly when to expect the work to be done.

How it works

Find a highly skilled professional to assist your business today!

  • 1

    Register for Free

    Clients and consultants register for Free.

  • 2

    Post your project

    Simply tell us how we can assist your organisation.

  • 3

    Choose your consultant

    Select your ideal consultant that is available and capable to assist your business.

  • 4

    Negotiate Cost

    Negotiate the fees you can afford with your consultant.

  • 5

    Fund your project

    The client pays Skill Indawo before the consulting begins and we release the payment to the consultant when the project is completed.

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Meet some of our consultants

  • Charlotte Luzuka

    Executive Coordinator

    I am an open-minded, passionate, and driven black woman; who enjoys learning new things, exploring and being exposed to as many industries and technical fields as possible.

  • Bradwin Roper

    CEO - Sales and Service Contact Center

    I am an empathetic problem solver. Doing my best to stay relevant and impactful while striving for continuous progress.

  • Bronwen Smith

    Executive Manager

    I offer 15 years of experience in achieving corporate objectives through executing customer centric view and combined expertise within marketing, sales, and knowledge of diverse industries such as property, retail, education, and health.

  • Taryn Steyn

    Head - Digital Business Unit

    I have 10 years’ experience in the design and IT industry, and am especially interested in UX strategies and innovations.

  • Conlias Mancuveni

    Head - Investment Research & Portfolio Manager

    As head of research I play a key strategic and operational role that supports the business and investment strategy initiatives of the Chief Investment Officer and the EXCO at large.

  • Matthew Adendorff

    Head - Business Development & Client management

    I facilitate large organisations to innovate with lean innovation tools and deliver disruptive innovations. I consult on lean innovation principles, technology and tools that enable companies to successfully innovate.

  • Sukie Paras

    Deputy Director - Strategic Environmental Intelligence

    I’m an environmental scientist with experience in government policy development, industry compliance and environmental consulting specialising in environmental licencing and sustainable development.

  • Stuart Milroy

    Wealth Manager

    I am a seasoned management and financial professional with vast experience in financial services.

  • Mtyali Simphiwe

    Client Executive

    I am an educated young black female who was mentored by some of the most experienced and reputable professionals in both the insurance and reinsurance industries.

Skill Indawo acts as an intermediary between the company and the consultant. These consultants are not employed by Skill Indawo and they act as freelance agents for the professional services offered. Both the consultants and the companies that list their projects on the platform are continuously vetted.

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